The Fokkers Portugal Trip day 6 
Sunday, March 13, 2011, 12:20 PM
Posted by Administrator
Day 6 the swell was luckily a bit smaller again, but still as perfect and even a little less wind then on the days before.
We were all so out of power that we couldn´t do much more than 1-2 hour sessions. Even in the surfing you could realise that everyones lags were already sometimes giving up.
In the evening we were invited for a barbecue at the Quicksilver Surf House Algarve. We couldn´t really thing of going there as we were all so tired that we didn´t know how to stay awake.But finally we ended up there, got delicious food which brought us back on track and the beer did the rest to keep us awake and entertained. We had a grat time. Thanx Joel

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